Ash Catherwood

Actor. Creator. Karate-Chop Expert.


Trevor Wells reviews My Mom’s Darkest Secrets for Vocal.Media.

Ash Catherwood is strong as Trevor’s brother Michael…. his prolonged confession and proclamation of regret to his heartbroken niece is greatly performed by Catherwood…

[This] climax is made emotionally intense by the combined performances of Roam, Gordon, and Catherwood, with Gordon and Catherwood throwing themselves into Amy’s heartbreak and Michael’s regret.


Devon Potter reviews Problem Child for Mooney on Theatre.

“Ash Catherwood as R.J. was by far the show’s standout, and both my friend and I felt that his energy and talent were quite remarkable.”


Burke Campbell reviews Problem Child.

“Ash Catherwood as the TV reality show junkie and Janet Bailey as the frustrated social worker are particular stand outs.”


Interview regarding upcoming projects by Katie Uhlmann.
Interview regarding ‘Adrift’.
Playback Magazine article by Etan Vlessing re: CMPA digital entertainment industry report.
…His latest web series is Microwave Porn… about a talking microwave named Allen that is addicted to pornography and lives with Dave Lesserman, a mild-mannered fellow played by Catherwood.
Microwave Porn, which is available for viewing online, on Facebook and on Twitter, has received 1.6 million views on YouTube, according to Catherwood. The CMPA has apparently overlooked such local productions.

“To state that there aren’t successful Canadian web series, that harms the industry that’s developing and sets it back,” Catherwood said.
Grounded in Fantasy reviewed by Kelly Bedard.
“…really grabbed hold of their parts with the confidence of seasoned performers, Catherwood and O’Flynn showed off through-the-roof chemistry, giving the play a truly memorable moment or two.”
Grounded in Fantasy reviewed by Heather Bellingham from ‘Mooney on Theatre’.
“…Ash Catherwood stands out particularly as his comic timing and reactions are spot on.”
Grounded in Fantasy reviewed by Lauren Gillet from ‘Theatromania’.
“The cast — Catherwood in particular — gets big laughs on more than a few occasions….”
Grounded in Fantasy reviewed by Danny Gaisin from ‘Ontario Arts Review’.
“The subject matter; interpretation, thespian skill & staging epitomize essential Fringe.”
Microwave Porn reviewed by the good folks at ‘Bloody Underrated’.
“…Allen and Dave (Ash Catherwood) are both instantly likeable, and the dialogue is flawless.”
Microwave Porn reviewed by the good folks at ‘Limited Release’.
Limited Release Podcast Ep.10
Best Actor award announcement – Toronto Film Challenge, November 28th, 2010.
Interview regarding ‘Severance’.
Cancelproof interview on

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