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Dying on Broadcast Television?…

Just Shot an episode for season 2 of Discovery Channel’s ‘Curious and Unusual Deaths’.

I got to pee myself and everything!

I’ll keep all informed of broadcast dates and the like.

In other news, currently moving forward with another exciting theatre project!

The autumn is looking up!

Happy trails,


2 comments on “Dying on Broadcast Television?…

  1. Robyn (@RobynMFrancis)
    June 29, 2012

    Hey I just found you all over again! I’m going to be on a Discovery show, too, and I will be getting a LOT of facetime. I’ll be sure to watch out for you peeing yourself. Which episode/segment is it?

    • ashcatherwood
      June 30, 2012

      Great! Which episode will you be on?
      I was in ‘Death By the Great Outdoors’, in the old-timey segment.
      : )

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