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It’s been a helluva weekend…

So this previous weekend was filled with more amounts of awesomeness then most medical professionals would deem to be safe.

Over the 48 hours between Friday evening and Sunday evening, I managed to fit in THREE rehearsals for the upcoming opera, ‘The Impresario’ (featuring yours truly as the impresario), and finished a short film under the Cancelproof banner. The film was done as Cancelproof’s official entry for the Toronto Film Challenge, and it is pretty much the best thing ever. Added too all of that, daytime Friday was spent in the post audio mix for the newest Microwave Porn, which is now conveniently released!

Take yourself a minute to view the new episode…riiiiight….Now!

And for all you folks in Toronto, why not come out to the 48 Hour Film Challenge screening, this Wedensday evening at 7pm, at the Bloor Cinema! Here’s a sneak peek photo…

On set of Cancelproof's new short, 'Corpses'.

All of your socks will be blown off, I swear to God!

Happy trails,


One comment on “It’s been a helluva weekend…

  1. Victoria
    November 17, 2010

    Can’t wait for tonight! “Weeeee’s gonnnna rooooock iiiiiiit!”

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