Ash Catherwood

Actor. Creator. Karate-Chop Expert.


The Cancelproof film ‘Corpses’, made for the Toronto 48 Hour Film Challenge, was selected in the top 10, and is now eligible for fancy schmancy awards! For those of you that missed the screening at the Bloor Cinema, you can watch the film below!

Here’s a photo, courtesy of Victoria Murdoch (not pictured), of some of the gang drinking various professional beverages pre-screening!

From left to right. Jon Hyatt, Ash Catherwood, Ali Walker, Ada Balon, Ryan Keller, Bruce William Harper

All in all a great time! Congrats to all the film makers who completed the challenge!

Also, tomorrow night, things are a-happening! The opera ‘The Impresario’ featuring yours truly will be having its premier! If you find yourself in the Kensington Market area of Toronto Friday the 19th, around 7 pm, why not come check it out!

Happy trails everybody! I hope to see you all in the audience tomorrow night!


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